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The most mighty Subsonics have been making a primal racket for three decades. They’ve not only seen it all, but they’ve left an indelible mark on sophisticated weirdo rock’n’roll culture since first sullying the scene in 1992. This is a unique and compelling group with few peers, referred to by Black Lips as "the best band in ATL," and recruited by internationally renowned Slovenly Recordings to gussy up the roster for their last four long-players and recent reissues of their first two, previously CD-only albums. Live appearances are infrequent happenings, but when they do roll through, it’s always an affair for the ages. 2023 saw them opening for garage-punk legend Billy Childish’s only show in the USA in the historic desert hills of Virginia City, NV in what was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for devoted attendees making the trek. With their last studio LP Flesh Colored Paint only 5 years in the rear view, and the two new reissues currently burning up turntables everywhere, Subsonics remain an integral component in the bang-shang-a-lang mo’sheen.

Friday April 19th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $15 in advance. 21+ with ID. *

*Show canceled

Dig Thy Savage Soul




"A Boston-based singer of what one might refer to as "traditional" R&B (i.e.,'50s- and '60s-style), Barrence Whitfield is the owner of one incredible pair of lungs and limitless energy and enthusiasm for his music. A soul screamer in the spirit of Little Richard, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, and early Don Covay, Whitfield & the Savages, though never breaking big nationally, are a great cult act, a triumph of substance over style, with a bunch of terrific records to boot." -AllMusic Guide

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages shot out of Boston in the mid-'80s with the force of a cannonball. Through their sweaty dance party shows and love of primal soul, they were to R&B what the Cramps were to rockabilly — a gateway musical drug for nascent underground roots mavens. Along with original Savage Peter Greenberg (The Lyres, DMZ) and Phil Lenker, they released records on Rounder, Bloodshot and Munster, became a favorite of BBC DJ Andy Kershaw and won seven Boston Music Awards. They reunited in 2011 with new Savages Andy Jody on drums, and Tom Quartulli on sax, touring with bands like The Sonics and appearing at SXSW and performing live on famed late night music TV program Later...with Jools Holland on the BBC in 2013. Their newest record Glory was recorded in Spain by the legendary Mike Mariconda, and released by FOLC Records.

Saturday, March 23rd at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $20 in advance. 21+ with ID.

No Sleep Tonight


Wicked Cool Recording Artists The Nervous Eaters are an original rock'n'roll band from Boston, MA who helped define the Boston underground garage/punk-rock scene of the late seventies. Fueled by the raw sounds of Link Wray, early Chicago Blues greats and British guitar legends Beck, Clapton and Page, the band created a raw edgy song style uniquely their own.

The band debuted in March of 1976 at the legendary nightclub The Rat in Boston. They released their first of two singles for Rat Records that included the hit song "Loretta," which became one of the city’s most endearing rock'n'roll anthems.

Ric Ocasek produced a demo for the band and they were signed by Elektra Records in 1980. The band was one of the more popular rock'n'roll bands in the Northeast, opening for numerous National Acts and eventually headlining at venues throughout the US and Europe.

Saturday, March 23rd at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID. 

Trouser Press Magazine's 50th Birthday Party

Trouser Press Magazine's 50th Birthday Party and Zip It Up!
The Best of Trouser Press Magazine, 1974-1984 book launch

Plus: DJ Steve Reynolds

Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey - The onetime bandmates in the dB's have each pursued many diverse musical projects, but they have also reunited from time to time to record and perform together.

The Shirt Event featuring Dennis Diken - a one-night only cover supergroup led by the legendary drummer, writer and broadcaster who created the first Trouser Press t-shirt.

Dot Dash - Washington DC-based post-punk band ("as idealized and energized a form of power pop as one could imagine" -Trouser Press

Saturday, March 16th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 6pm. $25 in advance. 21+ with ID.

If I Should Fall from Grace...

"A beloved NYC institution since 1999, Joe Hurley's All-Star Irish Rock-A-Palooza receives rave reviews every year as the biggest and best St Pat's party in town. Hurley himself is revered for his soulful baritone "  -New York Magazine

Hosted and curated by Joe Hurley, the extravaganza celebrates Ireland's musical gifts to the world as guest stars dive into the 'Great Irish Songbook'. From The Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks' to Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back in Town', Shane MacGowan's 'A Pair Of Brown Eyes'' to Van Morrison's 'Tupelo Honey' and Stiff Little Fingers's 'Suspect Device' -- all sung by a wildly diverse group from all cultural backgrounds. The songs are of Ireland.... for everyone!

The band boasts the best accompanists in NYC, featuring Steve Goulding (Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Mekons), Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter Rant Band), Kenny Margolis (Mink Deville, Rogue's March), Jeremy Chatzky (Springsteen, Steve Earle, LaLa Brooks), Chris Flynn (Rogue's March), Tish & Snooky (Blondie, Blue Coupe, Sick F*cks), Joe Hurley (Keith Richards, The Gents), Deni Bonet (Cyndi Lauper), and Stan Harrison (Springsteen. Bowie, Gainsbourg).

Friday, March 15th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC

Precious Memories

The Brooklyn County All-Stars, featuring Sean Kershaw and very special guests, perform two sets in celebration of The Man In Black. Plus: WFMU's Honky Tonk Radio Girl spins classic country 45s throughout the evening!

Saturday, March 2nd at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 6:30pm. $20 in advance. 21+ with ID.

This Side Of The Sun

Friday, February 23rd at Heaven Can Wait
169 Avenue A (the old Brownie's space), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Give My Regards To The Dancing Girls

"As far as I’m concerned, all and sundry can pencil in Stef as the Impending punk-rock Van Morrison." -Rev. Norb, Razorcake

When Irish-born Count Vaseline / The Mighty Stef songwriter Stef Murphy met Stiff Little Fingers guitar tech Jamie Mechan in Nashville, Tennessee, it began a musical partnership of the highest order. After cranking out a few tunes at Mechan’s fledgling studio, 302 Sound, the duo started recruiting other musicians. The band was rounded out by drummer Ryan Sweeney (Cheap Time) and Eli Steele (Sweet Knives.) Dubbing themselves The Sleeveens, an Irish term for a trixter, the band got to work. After recording and releasing their highly-touted “Give My Regards To The Dancing Girls” 45rpm single on Sweeney’s Sweet Time Records, they finished off their eleven track debut album. The quartet were soon approached by long-running punk label Dirtnap Records for the album’s 2024 release.

The resulting album is an homage to the kind of classic punk Chiswick, New Rose and Stiff Records were releasing forty-five years before The Sleeveens existed. With earworm melodies and screaming guitars, the foursome have crafted one of the best albums of the year. Murphy’s penchant for charmingly brilliant, matter-of-fact lyricism has a similar poetic quality as Mark E. Smith or Jonathan Richman. With expert mastering by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs) to put the finishing touches on the sound, The Sleeveens is a record that is simultaneously uncompromisingly raw and thoughtfully crafted.

Tueasday, February 20th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

If You Wanna Dance With Me


Liverpool, UK's Savage Young Beatles recreate the raw, rough, wise-cracking, hard-rocking shows the Pre-Fab Four were infamous for performing at the height of their amphetamine fueled Hamburg, DE and Liverpool, UK residencies. Imagine the Kaisers meet the Ramones in a head on collision!

Born under a bar in the heart of Brooklyn, The High Stride fuse the soulful sounds of the '60s and '70s with hard-hitting guitars and a driving bass that cultivates a sound that is best described as no bullshit maximum rock'n'soul.

Plus: DJ Mr. Lee (Going In Style Sound System) spinning strictly top-flight, ass-shakin' '60s rock'n'soul 45s.

Saturday, February 10th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $15 in advance. 21+ with ID.

The Big Heat

Matt Langone & The Big Heat brings together a lineup of well-known and loved players (Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, Kenny Margolis, Scott Kitchen and Mark Brotter) from the heart of NYC's scene. Together they make a rootsy rock'n'roll sound with diverse songs by Langone that both delight and haunt, and which you won't soon forget.

Friday, February 9th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Rock'N'Roll Needs No Justification!

Scott Kempner's 70th Birthday Celebration, a special night in celebration of punk-rock pioneer, guitarist and co-founding member of The Dictators, and founder of The Del-Lords. All show proceeds to benefit The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.

Monday, February 5th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $20 in advance.* 21+ with ID.

* Show is sold-out.

Pleasures Unknowable

New York cult indie pop artists My Favorite returned in 2022 with Tender Is the Nightshift: Part 1, their first extended play release in nearly 20 years. Full of imperious new wave and plastic soul, the group scavenges the digital debris of the 20th century to fashion a pre-apocalyptic soundtrack for a new millennium’s malaise. Founder and singer/songwriter Michael Grace Jr is joined by long time collaborators Kurt Brondo & Gil Abad along with new members Michael Avishay and Emilyn Brodsky. Together they loot a junk shop full of tragic totems to explore love and loss— remaking/remodeling dim corridors of memory into bright passages forward.

Barely out of their teens in 1994 when their debut single “Go Kid Go” was spun by John Peel, My Favorite was formed in the archetypal suburbia of Long Island. Among the strip malls and subdivisions, five kids formed a half-band/half-art project during their freshman year at state college in Stony Brook. Raised on new wave via the legendary WLIR, while encircled by the local hardcore scene, the band tried to merge ‘80s high-concept pop with the DIY energy of punk and indiepop. Two full-length LPs followed in 1999 & 2003, with the latter record The Happiest Days Of Our Lives named best of decade in Pitchfork's P2K guest editors edition. They return now in what Grace calles his 'Xeroxy Music' period — songs full of lush, glitchy ambience like an Orphean glance back at paradises lost.

Saturday, February 3rd at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Souls On Fire

The High Stride began in the dark bar rooms of Brooklyn, consisting of five individuals who wanted a strong mix of '60s and '70s rock'n'roll mixed with the soul of Stax and Tamla. The High Stride hits hard with its unrelenting two-guitar assault, driving rhythm section and soulful vocals and organ, creating a sweat-stained sonic boom of rock'n'soul that is sure to move your feet and shake your soul.

The Midnight Confessions, from the formerly mean streets of Brooklyn, are obsessed with '60s girl groups, rock'n'roll and twangy country, '70s power pop and glam, pretty much anything that makes you wanna dance, harmonies so good you wanna cry, and obviously Suzi Quatro, Cheap Trick, Johnny Thunders, The Muffs, The Go-Go's, and sequin everything. Their debut album, recorded by Ivan Julian of Richard Hell and the Voidoids, is due out in March.

NYC Garage Rock groovers Dr. Ex & The Break-Ups offer up a sometimes spooky, yet always revved up take on mid '60s pop. More Sonics, less Soft Machine. Their searing keyboards, cranking guitars and explosive drums have lead some to remark “Dr. Ex & The Break-Ups answer the question, ‘What if the Scooby Doo gang was super into garage-punk and beat up Question Mark and The Mysterians and stole their instruments?’”

Saturday, January 20th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Alana Amram And Friends Residency


After The Fall Records Presents: Alana Amram and Friends. In celebration of her new Movies EP, Alana has curated a weekly series of performances; this January residency focuses on traditional and contemporary revues of song and cinema with Patton McGee (The Nude Party), Howlin’ Hurd (Daddy Long Legs), ZzzWalk, Amanda Khiri, Jeff Clarke (Black Lips/Demon Claw), Jairito Y La Onda, Bobbie Love Song, Dropper, Josephine, SUO, and the Adam Amram Family Band, witg films by Hannah Fallon & Scott Walker. 

Tickets on sale now:

January Tuesdays at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. All shows $15 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Kleztronica: One Year Anniversary Party

Kleztronica is a radical Jewish-electronica performance and rave space. Over the past year, we've brought thousands of Jews and non-Jews from across New York City together to dance and celebrate. We bring together archival recordings, Yiddish dance, drag, and, of course, our wonderful queer and multifaceted community. Come celebrate our one-year anniversary, featuring drag sensation Sir Cum Sized, Jewish burlesque artist Brenda Roses, electro-trumpeter Frank London, DJ Shney, DJ Diva Nigun, sampling artist Chaia, and brass band menace Tusl & The Muscle. See you on the dance floor!

This show is sponsored by Borscht Beat Records, and presented as the official afterparty for the Yiddish New York Festival.

Saturday, December 28th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $20 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Crash Landings

Thursday, December 21st at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

A Very Honky Tonk Holiday

Thursday, December 21st at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

It's Only Right And Natural

"One of the more remarkable acts to emerge from the indie-rock scene of the 1980s and '90s, The Frogs were a group with something to attract and offend nearly everyone -- they were canny songwriters who could write and perform melodically satisfying tunes in a variety of styles, but they enjoying marrying them to lyrics that were usually absurd and frequently offensive, drawing eccentric humor from issues of race, sex, contemporary culture, and the music business. While the larger mainstream audience never embraced them, for a band so eager to polarize they managed to be exposed to far more listeners than one might have expected, largely because their fan following included a handful of important alt-rock tastemakers, including Kurt Cobain." -Mark Deming, AllMusic Guide

Saturday, December 9th at Berlin Under A
25 Avenue A (entrance on 2nd Street under 2A bar), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $20 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Jump This Jive

The tried and true band The Figgs,  has a worldwide fan base, a hearty discography, and celebrates more than 25 years together. Members (Mike Gent, Pete Donnelly and Pete Hayes) have been playing since the trio was in high school in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The Figgs' tunes are stuffed with Kinks-inspired power and melodies, vibrant harmonies and sonic experimentation a la The Beatles and the The Band, the reach of NRBQ’s eclecticism, and a grit and youthfulness akin to the best rock bands from The Who to the Ramones. There’s no question the Figgs are one of America’s most enduring rock'n'roll bands. Their catalog is a testament to their sheer love of music, as well as their drive, energy and power as one of America’s greatest rock bands of the past 25 years.

Thursday, December 9th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Punk Avenue Revisited

The recently departed Philippe Marcade was a true NYC rock 'n'roll legend, and a hell of a nice guy, so it's apt to see so many joining together to pay him tribute.

Thursday, November 30th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $15 in advance. 21+ with ID.


19 years of Glamdammit!

Wednesday, November 22nd at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 8pm. $10 in advance. 21+ with ID.


For the Guttersnipes, Glamourpusses, Gigolos, Giantesses and Gimps... Remember when Downtown was a concept, not a real estate pitch? When there were no boundaries, no matter what you did for a living, who you fucked, where you were born, how famous you were, what the color of your skin was? Welcome home, baby!

A sultry, succulent, surreptitious evening for it-girls, boys and thems of the past, present and future, cultural sugar daddies and mommies and the hangers-on who love them, the talented, beautiful ones, the not-so-talented, but beautiful ones and the spectacularly mediocre. We’ll find a place for you, no matter who you are.

Indulge in the bizarre but transcendent variety show. We promise some serious ringers, from the nubile to the notorious, including Penny Arcade, Seth Herzog, Rob Paravonian, Jimmy Raskin, Anna Copacabanna, Heather Litteer, Tony Torn and Lee Ann Brown, Sara MacDonnell and Jann Klose. To be followed by an unhinged dance party where all preconceptions and hang-ups must, and will, be left at the door, and all desires must, and will, be indulged.

Twig the Wonderkid (Glamdammit) spinning prickly, gritty paeans to desire and debauchery  on the ones and twos — punky, funky, from shimmering anthems to corrosive dirges—foxy, fierce, globetrotting dominatrix and Mistress of the Animals Holly DeRito, fashion victim/visionary and uncontainable multi-hyphenate Michael Wiener and elusive rock and roll siren Erin Sullivan co-hosting, and various legendary guests waiting in the wings to dazzle you, and tease out dreams you never knew you had.

Monday, November 20th at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (between East 2nd & 3rd streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $10 in advance. * 21+ with ID.

* Proceeds benefit

I'll Be Here For You

A seriously boss night of rock-action on Avenue A with Norway's Cocktail Slippers, our old friend Palmyra with The Doppel Gang, and the mega-talented Amanda Cross.

Saturday, November 18th at Heaven Can Wait
169 Avenue A (between East 10th and 11th streets), NYC
Doors at 7pm. $15 in advance. 21+ with ID.

Running Down The Back Streets

'Zine release party witth DJ Pickabar on the wheels of steel.

Thursday, November 9th at 96 Tears
110 Avenue A (between East 6th & 7th streets), NYC
Doors at 6pm. No cover. 21+ with ID.

Dead Flowers In Bloom Once Again

Dead Flowers is excited to announce that we have joined the team booking shows and events at Berlin, The Bowery Electric and Heaven Can Wait. We are truly looking forward to putting on loads of boss shows as well as DJ parties and other happenings.

Get in touch here.