Don't Give Up Your Good Thing


The Brought Low are a hard rock power trio from New York City who formed in 1999. They released their self-titled debut record on Tee Pee Records in 2001. In 2006 they released their long awaited sophomore effort, Right On Time on Small Stone Records (Dixie Witch, Sasquatch, 5 Hose Johnson). The record was hailed as an instant classic by The Boston PhoenixLollipopRoadburn and among others. Third Record, their last album for Small Stone, was produced by Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Cave In, Scissorfight). The band is known for its live show and has shared the stage with Them Crooked Vultures, Supersuckers and Nebula among others and has performed at the Emissions From The Monolith and South By Southwest music festivals.

Friday, May 17th at Hank's Saloon
46 Third Avenue (at Atlantic), Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. Cover TBA. 21+ with ID.

How To Remember Your Dreams


King Missile is a spoken-word/alternative-rock band based in New York City. They recorded three albums for Atlantic Records and one on Shimmy Disc. Earlier and later incarnations of the band have released several recordings on various independent labels, including Instinct, Important, Manifatture Criminali, and Powertool.

Over the years, King Missile released a string of singles — and albums — that were resoundingly embraced by American college radio, including "Sensitive Artist," "Jesus Was Way Cool’, "Martin Scorsese," and the hugely popular "Detachable Penis" just to name a few.

Saturday, May 11th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $12-$15. 21+ with ID.

Maybe Tomorrow

Phil Gammage is an American musician, composer, and recording artist best known for his eight solo album releases and his work as a songwriter, singer, harmonica player, and guitarist. His recordings are used in film and television projects. His latest album Used Man For Sale features ten of Phil’s song compositions and has received great reviews and radio airplay internationally. This follows his critically acclaimed album Adventures in Bluesland in 2014. He currently performs his roots and blues based music as a solo performer (2018 European solo tour) or with his full band The Phil Gammage Quartet. He has performed recently at such noted concerts as the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival, CBGB Festival, and BluesCraft Summer Festival. Phil Gammage is the consummate live performer, who brings a unique depth and drama to his music.

Butch Phelps is a songwriter, vocalist, guitar player, music teacher and music lover who lives in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Soaking up a variety of musical influences as a kid, Butch began playing guitar and writing songs at an early age. Having lived in most regions of the USA at one time or another, his appreciation for writers and performers reached new heights in Portland, Oregon. Upon arriving in NYC he became immersed in the thriving music of the East Village while cofounding the band The New Heathens. In addition to his solo work, Butch has created bands The Elevaters and The Buck Ups. Butch continues to write and perform with his bands and rowdy friends all over NYC.

From their haunt high atop the Palisades in Jersey City, Hudson City Rats serve up a healthy dose of primitive, infectious rock'n'roll. From rhythm and blues to 70’s glam; if it’s got a good groove, the Rats are sure to put their own spin on it with their raw, stripped down style.  With the infamous Patrick Lally at the helm, Fred Jenkins and Jeff Feinberg provide a big beat behind Robert Boudreau's blues-tinged guitar. Their live show is a house rockin' party, so come on out and get ready to move!

Saturday, April 6th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Runnin' Yo' Mouth On Me


Robert Kimbrough Sr continues the Cotton Patch Soul Blues style created by his father, the legendary Junior Kimbrough. From an early age, Robert was steeped in the sounds and life of North Mississippi and its distinctive style of blues. Growing up, Robert listened, first-hand to Mississippi blues royalty that played with his father at home, at Junior’s Juke Joint Club, and the ever frequent weekend house party and porch jam session. The blues was simply part of everyday life as a Kimbrough. Robert continues his father’s musical tradition, along with some of his siblings. You can often find many of them sharing the stage on any given night in Mississippi. The Kimbrough name, along with the Burnside name, is part of a blues dynasty that remains strong today, bringing people from all over the world to see and hear them play.

The Cotton Patch Soul Blues style that Robert plays is a straight link to the music that his father originated in North Mississippi. It is a deep soul sound that can be linked back to his ancestors coming from the cotton fields, singing and ‘hollering‘ as they worked in the tall rows of Mississippi cotton. This distinct and somewhat underground style of blues is rooted in hypnotic, rhythms and dance-able grooves. The Black Keys released an entire album in 2006 of Junior Kimbrough cover songs called Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough. Up until the mid '80s, the only way to hear this music was to visit a church-turned-blues-den founded by Junior Kimbrough in Chulahoma, MS that unfortunately burned down in 2000.

Saturday, March 30th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10-$13. 21+ with ID.

Something To Hold Onto

Plus: An all-star cast of WFMU DJs

Greg Cartwright, also known by his stage name Greg Oblivian, is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee. He currently fronts Reigning Sound and is signed to Merge Records. After moving away from Memphis in the mid-2000s, he has since lived with his family in Asheville, North Carolina. Cartwright is also a founding member of the Memphis '90s garage bands The Compulsive Gamblers, The Oblivians, and Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops.

Aside from also playing occasional solo performances — including a memorable show at Dead Flowers Productions' old venue, Magnetic Field — Cartwright also plays in The Parting Gifts, a band also featuring Lindsay "CoCo" Hames of The Ettes and Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs, and The Greenhornes, and a guest appearance from Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Cartwright has also played in a handful of other bands, including guitarist in The Detroit Cobras and as drummer for '68 Comeback. He has also collaborated with The Deadly Snakes, contributing to their album I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore. In 2007 he wrote songs and co-produced Dangerous Game, a comeback album by Mary Weiss of The Shangri-Las.

Friday, March 29th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $12-$15. 21+ with ID.

Rock'N'Roll Will Probably Never Die


Swilson play occult pub-rock: think Radio Birdman and Dr. Feelgood meets Hawkwind. The band features dicks from former/current asshole bands like The Dictators NYC, Bamboo Kids, Shakin' Street, Shemps, Little Seizures, Mighty High, etc.

The Martinets have been ripped out of NYC circa 1979 and transplanted to the 21st century for the listening pleasure of today's peoples. Two highly praised recordings, Love! Hate! and New Stories For Men, were released on Scooch Pooch, and the third, Comeback Tour, on Italian label Tornado Ride Records. Their fourth cd, the magnum opus Rock and Roll Will Probably Never Die, was released the summer of 2014 by Musick Recordings.

From the edge of the galaxy and through the wormhole beneath the sink, Long Island’s legendary teenage purveyors of new wave/ psychedelic/garage-rock mayhem The Plastic Device are back!

Thursday, March 28th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10 cover. 21+.

Photograph by Peter Bellam

Blast Off!

Plus: DJ 100dBs on the wheels of steel

The Rocksteady 7 is an influential American ska and jazz band from NYC. Founded in 1997, the core of the group has consisted of tenor saxophonist and band leader David Hillyard (The Slackers) and legendary percussionist Larry McDonald (Lee "Scratch" Perry, Gil Scott-Heron). In live performances, they are supported by a rotating cast of top shelf nyc musicians. Given reggae's globally reaching influence, the Rocksteady 7 holds true to the genre's roots and the self-described "Jamaican Jazz" sound combines ska, rocksteady and reggae with extended jazz improvisation, intricate melodies, and complex harmonies. The group incorporates many diverse elements of world music with rocksteady rhythms, including ska, jazz, calypso, as well as early African and American jazz influences.

100dBs is a producer and DJ living in Brooklyn whose signature style blends performance and selection: astral echo pedal on a wild crate-digger's chase through the genealogy of a tune. He came up listening to Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, thanks to the bootleg cassettes his mother managed to bring with her from Cold War Romania. An adolescent encounter with a Lee Perry record flipped his whole world and led to formative dub experiments on an old four-track. He got his start spinning hip hop nights on the Lower East Side and has toured the world since. He's rocked parties for burners, breakers, Berlin artists and Brooklyn's reggae revivalists.

Saturday, March 23rd at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $8 - $12. 21+ with ID.

Come As You Are

The Nevermind Orchestra is a phrenetic, psycho-jazz-grunge ensemble that reimagines the works of Nirvana through the lense of a modern brass band. Comprised of accomplished NYC musicians who have individually played with prestigious ensembles ranging from the Metropolitan Opera to the Commodores, the group has been leading grunge second-line marches on the stages, streets and subways of the northeast since 2012. All of the classic Nirvana staples as well as some of their lesser known covers and deep cuts receive a fresh but instantly recognizable overhaul ranging from funk-rock to blues to reggae to bhangra - but each one delivered with the same raw emotion crafted by Kurt, Krist and Dave back in the day. As Time Out New York claims, “There's no shortage of Nirvana cover bands floating around but none are quite like the Nevermind Orchestra."

Friday, March 22nd at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10 cover. 21+.

Gravity Always Wins


The Ramblin' Kind are a New York City country band with a penchant for old-school licks and iconoclastic ideas. Singer/guitarist Jim Allen, lead guitarist Matt Applebaum, bassist Paul Foglino, and drummer Steve Goulding serve up songs with tons of twang and lyrics that would get them tarred and feathered in Nashville.

Bourbon Express, described by Country Music People as “a band doing real country music,” is wife and husband, Katie (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Brendan (guitar) Curley, and Sarah Kinsey (vocals), whose original country music features harmonies, Telecaster guitar, pedal steel, and fiddle. The band’s latest album, Cry About It Later, was recorded at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig and produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (Steve Earle, Joan Jett). Rootstime calls it “simply gold.”

Singer-songwriter Roger Street Freidman is 54, a husband and a father of two, and about to release his masterwork, Shoot The Moon. It’s a full-emotional spectrum collection of vivacious and reflective vignettes from real life that recalls the pop-rock singer-songwriter tradition of Jackson Browne, Marc Cohn, Randy Newman, Colin Hay, Bruce Hornsby, and Mark Knopfler. Few artists make albums like this today. In an age of irony, few songwriters are this brave in their vulnerability, and possess Friedman’s gift for penning hook-laden, emotionally resonant, pop-rock.

Thursday, March 21st at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.  $10. 21+ with ID.

The Beast is You


The Electric Mess are a garage-punk/psychedelic band from New York City, formed in 2007. They released their fourth album, The Beast is You in 2018, and have toured Europe, three times, as well as several cities in the States. Led by the dynamic and androgynous Esther Crow (also rhythm guitar and percussion), with Dan Crow (guitar), Oweinama Biu (keyboards, vocals), Derek Davidson (bass), and Alan J. Camlet (drums, vocals), "there has never been a more apt name for a band who encompasses such a massive range of influences...  a real kaleidoscope of sound, rapid fire lyrics, sheer unadulterated urgency, and a real rock and roll attitude." (Powerplay Magazine, UK) They plan to release their fifth album, later this year.

The Piggies are a bunch of NYC scene veterans who have kicked around in dozens of bands including the Little Killers, the Sea Monkeys, Wighat, Sato & Jonny, the Haney Brothers, the Poolside Cowboys, Holy Crow, the Underthings, the Dirt Cheap, and more that they don't remember (and neither do you). Posessing an extreme distaste for show-biz hustle and self-promotion, but a non-negotiable need to roll & rock, the Piggies can be found playing out in various NYC-area houses of ill repute on a regular basis, putting pretend rock'n'roll bands half their age to shame, and occasionally opening for touring acts like the Detroit Cobras, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, the A-Bones, Mr. Airplane Man, and so forth. Their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Parachute Woman" was issued as part of Norton Records' Rolling Stones covers series, on the flip side of LaLa Brooks (of the Crystals) doing "Play With Fire." The Elevator Operators have the button of the lift pushed to the '60s rock'n'roll floor.

Saturday, March 16th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.  $10. 21+ with ID.

Straight, No Chaser

Birth Of The Cool is an acoustic jazz group based in Brooklyn, New York, which lovingly re-imagines the music of legendary trumpet player Miles Davis from the 1940s and 1950s. This incredibly fertile era of Miles Davis’ music spans rhythm and blues, the invention of bebop, the creation of cool jazz, and the development of hard bop, as well as the inception of modal jazz music.

BOTC features a combination of veteran NYC-based musicians, as well as new faces on the scene, including trumpet player and producer Jeremy Mush1 (The Slackers/Hungry March Band/Fireproof), drummer Luis Zuluaga (The Slackers), pianist Harold Weg, baritone saxophonist Patrick Laslie, and tenor saxophonist Andrew Schwandt.

Thursday, March 14th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. Two sets. $10. 21+ with ID.

Happiness Is You

(Belated) Johnny Cash Birthday Bash!

C'mon and get rhythm at the belated Johnny Cash birthday bash with the usual gang of idiots from The CasHank Hootenanny Jamboree with special guests Sean Kershaw, Alan Lee Backer, Sam Mastreada, Katie Curley, and many more to-be-announced!

Saturday, March 9th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.  $12-$15. 21+ with ID.

Twist, Shout, And Shake It Out!


Friday, March 8th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.  $10. 21+ with ID.

Make Your Bed For Me


"Comprising most of the members of Greek rembetiko revivalists Que Vlo-Ve, [Greek Judas] reached the inevitable point where it made sense to completely and explosively electrify the colorful, gritty repertoire from the 1920s and 30s underground that they’ve mined up to this point. Wade Ripka alternated between roaring, poinpoint-precise, menacingly chromatic electric guitar leads and and searing lapsteel lines, joined by a masked rhythm guitarist who doubled on tenor sax on one of the later numbers. Slavic Soul Party drummer Chris Stromquist nimbly led the group through the songs’ relentlessly tricky changes with stomp and aplomb while bassist Nick Cudahy was the picture of cool, chilling in the back, delivering the same kind of effortless psychedelic groove that he did for so long in the late, great Chicha Libre. Toward the end of the set, frontman Quince Marcum picked up his horn and joined with the sax player for some intricate twin leads on what sounded like a brass band mashup of Macedonian folk and Led Zep." -New York Music Daily

Thursday, March 7th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.  $12-$15. 21+ with ID.

Ruins Of The Great


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Andi Rae Healy has been a mainstay on New York City’s indie-country scene for nearly a decade. Her debut album, I Guess I Am A Sinner — featuring contributions from artists as diverse as pop princess, Cyndi Lauper and indie darling, Jill Sobule — was released in 2006 and earned rave reviews for its deep melodicism, lush production, and its brutally honest and painfully heartfelt lyrics. 

Ruby Rae writes and performs music that defies easy categorization: a catalogue of influences would include Wanda Jackson, Mazzy Star, and Lori McKenna. Both vibrant and dark, simultaneously catchy and psychological, the sound is cinematic and complex, drawing on diverse sources that include folklore, mythology, horror films, and autobiography.

Secret Country was born out of a love of outlaw country, cold beers, and hot dogs. Originally an acoustic duo performing at parties, bbq’s, and bars, the advent of original material led to an augmentation of the group through various lineup changes into the quintet that you’ve heard tantalizing your eardrums for the last decade.

Saturday, March 2nd at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Ready Fire Aim

Comprised of half British and half American band members, The Rakehells build a bridge across the great pond with their unique vision of what rock'n'roll should be... aggressive, yet danceable pop with an in-your-face attitude and catchy hooks.

Friday, March 1st at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

March Action!

    • 3/1: THE RAKEHELLS
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    • 3/7: GREEK JUDAS
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    • 3/14: BIRTH OF THE COOL
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • 3/15: Modern Needs
      • With DJs Mr. Lee & Lars (Uppercut)
      • Banter - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • 3/16: THE ELECTRIC MESS
        • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • 3/21: THE RAMBLIN' KIND
        • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    • 3/23: THE ROCKSTEADY 7
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    • 3/28: SWILSON
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    • 3/29: GREG CARTWRIGHT (Reigning Sound)
    • Plus: the WFMU Rock'N'Soul Inchiban DJs
      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

      • Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn U.S.A.

    Photo: Mighty High live at Hank's Saloon by Lee Greenfeld

    Brooklyn Country

    Plus: WFMU's Honkytonk Radio Girl

    For all of you who miss the old Hank's Honkytonk Brunch, we’ve got a treat coming your way when Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers play the new Hank's for the first time! Sean and co. play hi-octane honkytonk straight outta Brooklyn

    Cliff Westfall writes songs about heartache, loss, and addiction… you know, funny songs. Or he can turn on a dime and dive headlong into a sentimental weeper. The Kentucky native delivers with a mixture of wit and bravado that, for Westfall, is central to what country music is all about. His debut album, Baby You Win, appeared on multiple Best of 2018 lists, and received acclaim in publications including Saving Country Music, No Depression, Magnet, PopMatters, Country Music People (UK), Lonesome Highway (Ireland) and many others. Backed by a crew of some of NYC’s finest musicians, his songs combine clever and insightful lyrics with classic honky tonk hooks.

    DJ sets before, between, and after by WFMU's Honkyonk Radio Girl!

    Saturday, February 23rd at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

    The Other Side of This Life


    Like a dusty old jukebox buried in the back of your odd uncle’s garage, The Crevulators take listeners on a trip through the great American soundscape. With influences ranging from classic country, rockabilly, rockn’roll, blues, jazz, garage-psych & even tejano, The “Crevs” dish up a mélange of everything that is American music. For fans of Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Byrds, Doug Sahm, CCR, Tom Petty, Cracker, The Replacements, Los Lobos, Tom Waits, etc.

    Friday, February 22nd at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

    In The Skin

    Urban Styles: Graffiti In New York Hardcore second edition release party. Mr. Lee moderates a panel discussion on the connection between tattoos, graffiti, and New York Hardcore.

    Urban Styles the first book from author Freddy Alva, is a subterranean adventure back to a time when subcultures and underground movements blended seamlessly and went largely unnoticed by the mainstream world. Urban Styles deftly straddles the seemingly in congruent worlds of graffiti culture and the hardcore punk scene of the 1980s to tell the story of a unique moment in time when crossover between the two outlaw cultures was a common, if not heralded, occurrence. Urban Styles chronicles a gritty New York City and its boroughs while telling the stories of forgotten revolutionaries who were as familiar with stealth runs through train yards as they were slamming on the CBGB dance floor.

    Thursday, February 21st at Flyrite Tattoos
    492 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn U.S.A.
    Doors at 7:30PM. No cover. All ages.

    Get Up To Get Down

    “In this band, New York and New Orleans meet at the crossroads and no one moves an inch!" -Steve Myers

    After touring most of the world with The Afghan Whigs, singer Steve Myers returned home only to get shot and left for dead on a rainy New Orleans street. Myers moved to New York to recover and try to put his past behind him only joining the Dulli lead Twilight Singers occasionally for shows on the East Coast or recording down South. Not until hooking up with fellow New Orleanian Jagon Eldridge in late 2003 did he think about starting a band of his own. The original line up for Mighty Fine consist of Jagon Eldrige and Richie Pomerantz ( Andy G. &The Roller Kings), Mitro Valsamis (Trickbabys) and Paul Verciglio. For the last 10 years Mighty Fine has rocked all over New York state, sharing the stage with bands TV On The Radio, Andre Williams, The Dirtbombs, The Slackers, Titus Andronicus, The Gories, Mary Weiss and The Afghan Whigs.  After releasing the album Get Up To Get Down on Drugfront Records in late 2011 that included the singles" Ready To Roar" featuring Greg Dulli, "Black Train" and "Something For Your Ass" featuring Mick Collins, the band went thru several lineup changes including a UK tour lineup that included Collins on guitar. After taking some time to regroup Mighty Fine is back to what it does best, playing punk/soul all over NY State now with new member’s Bradley Dean (The Visitors) on guitar and Mickey Finn (Boss Hog) on Keys. Sweaty Rump Shakin' Punk Soul is a great way to describe the band, the combination of a James Brown styled soul review and sweaty punk rock show.

    The Robert Kennedy Assassination is Rob K. (Workdogs, Jam Messengers), Kai Eric (Panther Burns), Andrew Cushen (Hellhounds, Chop Shop), Jack Martin (Kid Congo), and Eric Blitz (Missing Foundation, Greg Ginn band). The Women Of The Night are a dream-pop/proto-punk combo out of New York City. They make distillations of lost unintentional everyday happenings

    Saturday, February 16th at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

    Let's Make Party!

    Celebrate the opening of the new Hank's in Downtown Brooklyn!

    DJs Mr. Lee (Going In Style Sound System) and The Stranger — who helped shake up the dance-floor at the old Hank's a handful of times, and recently spun 45s at the legendary Vinyl Club in Jamaica — will be spinning boss sounds all night long!

    Friday, February 15th at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM.  No cover. 21+ with ID.

    The Day The World Turned Dayglo

    Modern Needs is a listening and dance party with special guest DJs and monthly musical themes, held every month at Banter bar, located in scenic Brooklyn U.S.A. The January edition features Melody Lee and JT Miller on the wheels of steel until the wee small hours!

    Friday, February 15th at Banter
    132 Havemeyer, Brooklyn U.S.A.
    Kicks off at 10PM... No cover!

    We Can Roll All Night


    The Mighty High are Brooklyn's #1 regressive-rock act.
    No ballads. No keyboards. No acoustic guitars! 

    Saturday, February 9th at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

    Alone And Together


    Two musical warriors who have played around the world and countless NYC venues in the '80s, '90s, and throughout the 21st century keep the spirits lively in the newly located Hank's Saloon.

    Jack Grace has performed a with a wide variety of artists, from Jerry Lee Lewis to Norah Jones, Doc Watson to Fishbone, from solo shows with Merle Haggard, to leading his full seven-piece band alongside The Meters. He has five songs in the cult hit, Super Troopers which Jack also aided in scoring. The song, “Big Bear’ is also featured in 2018’s Super Troopers 2. Hugh Pool has shared the stage with such luminaries as Patti Smith, Gov't Mule, Leslie West, Johnny Winter, Dave Edmunds, John Mayall, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and more. He has performed on the Emeril Lagassi Show, The Mitch Albom Show and Late Night With Conan O'Brien. His original songs have been used in network TV and film.

    Thursday, February 7th at Hank's
    345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
    Doors at 8PM. $10. 21+ with ID.