True love for the Nouvellas’ debut 45!

What do you get if you cross garage rock with funk and soul? This. Is it good? Is the Pope a Catholic? Don't ask me stupid questions. Nouvellas have been threatening to release this for several months now and the wait is finally over. Singers Jaime and Leah (formerly of The Dansettes) are both inveterate crate diggers well-versed in the dusty groove and thus have a very clear idea about what they are doing here. Basically that amounts to getting all raunchy over the band's dirty guitar noise on the a-side about what a guy needs to do to keep them, while on the b-side they get all slow and saucy about what they will do to keep a guy. If this seems a bit like having your cake and eating it don't complain. You want a copy of this. 


[From the Monkey Boxing Empire Music blog]