Groinstrong-A-Thong Benefit


(Live Band Rock'N'Roll Karaoke)


DJ action from Mr. Lee & DJ French Toast!

Thursday, November 13th... Doors at 8PM.
(Suggested donation of $20)

The Bell House
149 Seventh Street
Brooklyn, U.S.A.


What is Groinstrong-A-Thong? In one sentence: Great people, fantastic music, incredible prizes at an amazing venue all coming together to raise money and support for one of the world's most wonderful people – our good friend Jonah Eller-Isaacs. We're combining the power of music and the power of Groinstrong to create a night to remember.

What is "Groinstrong"? Groinstrong is a state of mind, a way of thinking, and a way of living. It's about goin' and groin' stronger each and every day, regardless of what life might throw at you, and inspiring everyone around you to do the same themselves and for each other. In short, it's Jonah.

Who is Jonah Eller-Isaacs? He's a Brooklyn singer-songwriter, a former Magnetic Field bartender -- the kind who knows exactly when to cheer up a depressed soul on the other side of the bar -- and one of the most positive, giving individuals we know. (Not to mention the best shirtless live-band karaoke singer in the five boroughs.)

Throughout his 29 years, Jonah has championed the healing power of music. Over a six-month period in 2004, he traversed Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, documenting music's crucial role in helping Africans deal with HIV/AIDS. Once back in the States, he shared his inspiring findings through countless lectures nationwide. Jonah came to New York City in 2006 and found his niche in the Brooklyn musical community. A year later he joined the staff of Musicians On Call, a nonprofit organization which puts performers bedside at local hospitals.

But earlier this year, Jonah became the patient, not the performer. Diagnosed with lymphatic melanoma in his left groin, he underwent surgery and radiation, documenting his ups and downs at The prognosis was good… until recently, when the cancer returned in his right groin as well as two other spots. Last month Jonah underwent successful surgery again to remove those spots, and the week of our benefit he starts chemotherapy. Unlike many musicians, he does have insurance but that alone won't begin to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in expenses he'll be facing over the next few months. Your support of Groinstrong-A-Thong will affirm that music does have the power to help, and will allow Jonah to continue his important mission for many years to come.

To help raise money for Jonah, Bunnie England And The New Originals will be auctioning off the most popular songs from their set throughout the evening. So if you want to sing the song of your dreams front of a crowd of really friendly drunk folks, bring your wallet and get ready to bid.

Oh, and there's a raffle/auction too! Some of the prizes that have already been donated:

$50 gift certificate to Last Exit bar
$50 gift certificate to The Bell House
Two bottles of nice wine
$50 gift certificate to Sephora
Gift certificate to Boy Luv Girl hair salon
Gift certificate to Brooklyn Tattoo
$100 Gift certificate to Shut Skateboard Shop
Gift certificates for Adidas sneakers
Gift certificate to Apartment 138 Restaurant
Gift certificate to Sample Bar
Dead Flowers Productions Gift Bag
Sub Pop Records Gift Bag
Ernest Jenning Records Gift Bag
Norton Records Gift Bag
Yo La Tengo Gift Bag
Free Massage
Skateboard and helmet
Jewelry/Cufflinks from Wabisabi Brooklyn
Autographed copy of the brand new Encylopedia of Punk