American Beat '09

It began with a celebration. Dead Flowers Productions' relationship with The Fleshtones started with the honor of booking the thirty year anniversary show for the celebrated act, whom Peter Buck of R.E.M called "the best live band on earth." From there, several successful shows followed with Dead Flowers showcasing The Fleshtones in varied and creative venues: from co-headlining NYC's second largest street fair to a truly raucous boat cruise down the East River. And from these symbiotic handful, fueled by drive and a shared love of all things rock'n'roll, the decision was made — Dead Flowers Productions would take on the role of booking America's greatest live rock'n'roll band, The Fleshtones.

When The Fleshtones first appeared at CBGBs in 1976 they were a decidedly retro outfit, celebrating the glorious abandon of the '60s garage band explosion. Over the years they've become a tradition unto themselves, incorporating '50s r&b, '60s frat-rock, and '70s disco into a heady mix that can only be described as "super rock." After twenty albums and not a single inactive year, they're still at it, releasing not one, but two albums in 2008. One of the band's greatest strengths is in their ability to avoid sounding like a museum piece, writing songs that could have thrived forty years ago, but which feel right at home in the now!

Dead Flowers got its start as a music-centered online platform for its writers' passions and obsessions in the late '90s. It was a place to read about the classics reconsidered, the obscure brought into the spotlight, the lost re-found, and the so-called marginal made to matter. Those elements animate the new Dead Flowers, an enterprise devoted to managing, booking, and promoting bands and projects that ignite those same passions.

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