Antietam Comes Alive!


"While you'd never know it from listening to the undeniably pleasant but comparatively lightweight indie-pop that comprises this up-from-Louisville New York trio's early records, ANTIETAM possesses one of the most stealthy weapons in the post-punk sphere — the utterly transcendent guitar discourse of frontwoman Tara Key. Whether it was a trip down to the crossroads or merely a move to an apartment that allowed for more volume-intensive jam sessions, Antietam underwent a sea change sometime in the early '90s, one that transformed it into a juggernaut capable of tearing the roof off any venue on any given night." -Trouser Press

Saturday, June 1st at Hank's Saloon
46 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM... No cover!

Children Of The Revolution

DJs Raul The Hooligan, Ronin The Swordsman, Mr. Lee (Modern Needs/G.I.S. Sound System), and Boltsy Amsterdam (45 Adapters) spin razor-sharp ska, soul, reggae, garage, freakbeat, pub-rock, and mod revival sounds for your inebriation, titillation, edification, emancipation, and ultimate enjoyment!

Friday, May 31st at Banter
132 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Kicks off at 10PM... No cover!

Pack Your Troubles In Dreams

M.O.T.O. (Masters Of The Obvious)

"Masters Of The Obvious' sound is that of one would be a 100% appropriate heard searing over an AM station on a weather beaten drive-in theater speaker some place in the midwest that time forgot. A time when Kiss, The Four Tops, Sweet, Olivia Newton-John, Black Sabbath, Lou Rawls and Boston could be packed tightly next to each other across the tinny mono frequency. A couple of acres of customized vans, big block engines and paneled station wagons with teens inside clutching such bottles as Richard's Irish Rose or Sloe Gin and Mountain Dew inside. The humid summer air is snarled with the scent of snack bar grease and smoldering homegrown. The projectionist for 25 summers had seem films about surfing student council members, sadistic bikers, reckless auto thieves, cheerleaders possessed by the devil and magic Volkswagon's come an go. But the station they played through the speakers before the previews started at dusk always stayed the same. In his twenty sixth summer the Flavo shrimp rolls and the cheap whiskey finally caught up to him and stopped his heart. The guy that took his place declared that AM radio was for squares and little kids and started piping the Ramones through the speakers. All hell broke loose and M.O.T.O. is what was left standing in the ruins." -Smashing Transistors

Saturday, July 6th at Hank's Saloon
46 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
The action kicks off at 8PM!

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?


Dead Flowers Productions Unplugged? Sort of.
Expect an intimate night of fantastic songwriting.

Thursday, June 20th at The Grand Victory
245 Grand Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $8 cover.

Going Nowhere Fast

California's BAD COYOTES

Dead Flowers Productions brings you a night of ripping rock'n'roll action with California's trash-rockers the Bad Coyotes, along with hometown heroes the XL Kings (featuring members of The Martinets and Hyponolovewheel) and the Little Seizures (featuring members of The Shemps and The Mess Around).

Friday, June 14th at Hank's Saloon
46 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM.

Stomp And Shout!

Modern Needs is listening and dance party with special guest DJs and monthly musical themes, held the Third Friday of every month at the great Last Exit bar. The May edition features guest DJ BLURRY MURRAY (Sweet Diesel/Monumentals/Another Saturday Night).

Murray and your Modern Needs host and boss DJ MR. LEE (Dead Flowers Productions/Goin' In Style Sound System) will be spinning only the finest '60s garage, rock, and soul sounds all night-long.

As always, Modern Needs is a strictly vinyl event!

Friday, May 17th at Last Exit
136 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Kicks off at 10PM... No cover!