Total Scene Unity


Twenty years of total failure, idiocy, and destruction by the greatest rock'n'roll group in the history of music, Runny is the sound of Pat Sajak getting kicked in the nuts, over and over. Raw rocking bullshit and magic sounds. Swilson play occult pub-rock: think Radio Birdman and Dr. Feelgood meets Hawkwind. The band features dicks from former/current asshole bands like Dictators NYC, Bamboo Kids, Shemps, Little Seizures, Mighty High, etc. This is their live debut. The Battery Electric decimate with sound all those who wish to deny the party smoldering within everyone! Their sound evokes a fierce horde of loyal Heathens into most righteous dance hall warfare. Each time TBE step onstage they are gloriously swathed in the power only known to rock warriors equal in ability. They're here to party. Mean Siders is a Brooklyn-based band teetering on the edges of blues and punk rock. Their likes: glitter, sweat, stage dives. Their dislikes: exes, gender roles, the patriarchy.

Friday August 4th at Hank's Saloon
46 Third Avenue (at Atlantic), Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $8 cover. 21+ with ID.