Modern Needs

Modern Needs* is a monthly listening and dance party featuring garage, beat, punk, psych, soul, ska, reggae, power-pop, and rock’n’roll sounds from the 1950s to the now... The night is hosted by the Going In Style Sound System which was founded by Dead Flowers Productions head honcho Mr. Lee and features special guest DJs and monthly musical themes, at Banter in scenic Brooklyn, U.S.A. The party's original run was at the much-missed Last Exit bar.

Past guests have included: Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks/Livids), Lupe Loop (Discovery/Les Sans Culottes), Pickabar (45 Adapters/ SPQR), Ben Diesel (Sweet Diesel/The Brought Low), Leah Lugosi (Nouvellas), Cool Hands Luke, Jami Wolf (Livids/Shop Fronts/Zodiac Killers), Tom Dash (Imaginary Icons/Dot Dash), Bolo (45 Adapters), Big Sir (Whooping Crane/The Creatures Of The Golden Dawn), Sleepy (The Agit Reader), Dean Rispler (The Dictators/Drug Front Records), Ben The Beyonder, Chris Powers (Firenza Tide/Vibratone Records), Viking Thrust (LiveFastDie/Electric Shadows), Anna Anabolic (Party Lights), Quitty (Party Lights), Agent Jay (The Slackers/Crazy Baldhead), DJ Harry (Last Laugh Records), DJ Birbal, Ronin The Swordsman (DoubleBarrel/Copasetic), Benzoil (Imaginary Icons/Pist-N-Broke), Kurtis Powers (The Face Radio/Loaded), Spag (Two Man Advantage), Blurry Murray (Sweet Diesel/Year Of Dragon), Mr. Vacation, Captain Heartlock (The Electric Mess/Madam Robot & The Lust Brigade), Jonny Quest (Legio SPQR), Sh*thead (As$troland/ Miscegenator), Stiff Neck (Fatigue/Sydney Ducks), Danny 2 Times (Moral Panic/Livids), Mark Yoshitomi (Casualties/Rivits/Krays), DontLikeU (Sheer Terror/Joe Coffee), Longshot (Suede Razors/Sydney Ducks), The Stranger, Phil Templar aka Ursa Major (The Templars/Legio SPQR), Maybe Mel (Drakkar Knights), Angry Eddie (Senzala Tattoo/Drakkar Knights), Melody Lee,  JT Miller (NYHC Tattoos), and Melissa Walker.

* Named after the Really Red song of the same name.