(Let's All) Turn On!


Like most bands, Australia's Hoodoo Gurus were largely the product of their influences; unlike most bands, however, the Hoodoos channeled their inspiration from the vast entirety of the American pop cultural landscape, drawing on such disparate sources as B-movies, bad sitcoms, and junk food — in tandem with the usual suspects like garage-rock, power-pop, and surf — to create a distinctly kitschy and catchy sound. Formed in Sydney in 1981, Le Hoodoo Gurus (as they were originally dubbed) were led by singer/songwriter Dave Faulkner, who along with drummer James Baker previously served as a member of the short-lived Perth punk unit The Victims (best known for the autobiographical single "Television Addict"). Ex-Scientists Rod Radalj and Kimble Rendall rounded out the group's initial lineup, and their unique sound of three guitars and no bass — along with Faulkner's infectious songs — quickly earned them a record deal. After issuing their debut single "Leilani" in 1982, both Radalj and Rendall quit, and were replaced by former Fun Things guitarist Brad Shepherd, and bassist Clyde Bramley.

In 1998, the Gurus announced they were splitting up, and the career-spanning compilation Ampology was issued in 2000. Two years later, Dave Faulkner, Brad Shepherd, and Mark Kingsmill were working together again as members of the garage-influenced The Persian Rugs, and in 2004, after Faulkner had reworked "What's My Scene" from Blow Your Cool as a theme song for an Australian rugby team, the band reunited (with Rick Grossman returning on bass), staging a successful tour down under and releasing a new album, Mach Schau. In 2009 the Hoodoo Gurus inked a deal with Sony Music Australia, resulting in their ninth full-length album, 2010's Purity of Essence and have been touring the world ever since.

[The Master Plan is a NYC punk super-group made up of members of The Fleshtones and The Dictators, while the Andy Shernoff produced Daddy Long Legs is a young, blues-punk band featuring members of The Electric Shadows and the Stalkers.]

Tuesday, October 5th
Doors at 8PM. $15 adv / $17 dos

149 Seventh Street
Brooklyn, U.S.A.