The Fleshtones live'n'loud in Brooklyn!



Plus: Master Of Ceremonies Handsome Dick Manitoba
(The Dictators) and DJ Phast Phreddie (Subway Soul Club).

Fresh off the heels of this year's critically adored Take A Good Look and their long overdue biography Sweat: The Story of the Fleshtones, America's Garage Band by Joe Bonomo, Brooklyn's most unsung sons are back with their warped personal take on Christmas music.

From the garage rock gods who brought the world "Super Rock," Stocking Stuffer is the Christmas album for music fans who hate run-of-the mill Christmas music. The Fleshtones just want to rock and they're not about to let peace on earth or good will to men get in the way. 

"Hooray for Santa Claus" opens the disc with a speaker busting ode to the guy in the big red suit and "Champagne of Christmas" looks back to The Fleshtones' classic r&b roots while extolling the virtues of more than a little yuletide bubbly. Stocking Stuffer is festive enough to get you in the holiday mood but rocks hard enough to keep the eggnog flowing through mistletoe make-out sessions and drunken sing-a-longs. If Santa is cool enough to leave this little gem in your stocking, this year you'll actually look forward to Christmas music.

Saturday, December 20th. Doors at 8PM.
$10 advance tickets available here. ($12 day of show)

The Bell House
149 Seventh Street
Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Holiday Soul


Saturday, December 6th
Doors at 9PM. Free show.

258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Groinstrong-A-Thong Benefit


(Live Band Rock'N'Roll Karaoke)


DJ action from Mr. Lee & DJ French Toast!

Thursday, November 13th... Doors at 8PM.
(Suggested donation of $20)

The Bell House
149 Seventh Street
Brooklyn, U.S.A.


What is Groinstrong-A-Thong? In one sentence: Great people, fantastic music, incredible prizes at an amazing venue all coming together to raise money and support for one of the world's most wonderful people – our good friend Jonah Eller-Isaacs. We're combining the power of music and the power of Groinstrong to create a night to remember.

What is "Groinstrong"? Groinstrong is a state of mind, a way of thinking, and a way of living. It's about goin' and groin' stronger each and every day, regardless of what life might throw at you, and inspiring everyone around you to do the same themselves and for each other. In short, it's Jonah.

Who is Jonah Eller-Isaacs? He's a Brooklyn singer-songwriter, a former Magnetic Field bartender -- the kind who knows exactly when to cheer up a depressed soul on the other side of the bar -- and one of the most positive, giving individuals we know. (Not to mention the best shirtless live-band karaoke singer in the five boroughs.)

Throughout his 29 years, Jonah has championed the healing power of music. Over a six-month period in 2004, he traversed Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, documenting music's crucial role in helping Africans deal with HIV/AIDS. Once back in the States, he shared his inspiring findings through countless lectures nationwide. Jonah came to New York City in 2006 and found his niche in the Brooklyn musical community. A year later he joined the staff of Musicians On Call, a nonprofit organization which puts performers bedside at local hospitals.

But earlier this year, Jonah became the patient, not the performer. Diagnosed with lymphatic melanoma in his left groin, he underwent surgery and radiation, documenting his ups and downs at The prognosis was good… until recently, when the cancer returned in his right groin as well as two other spots. Last month Jonah underwent successful surgery again to remove those spots, and the week of our benefit he starts chemotherapy. Unlike many musicians, he does have insurance but that alone won't begin to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in expenses he'll be facing over the next few months. Your support of Groinstrong-A-Thong will affirm that music does have the power to help, and will allow Jonah to continue his important mission for many years to come.

To help raise money for Jonah, Bunnie England And The New Originals will be auctioning off the most popular songs from their set throughout the evening. So if you want to sing the song of your dreams front of a crowd of really friendly drunk folks, bring your wallet and get ready to bid.

Oh, and there's a raffle/auction too! Some of the prizes that have already been donated:

$50 gift certificate to Last Exit bar
$50 gift certificate to The Bell House
Two bottles of nice wine
$50 gift certificate to Sephora
Gift certificate to Boy Luv Girl hair salon
Gift certificate to Brooklyn Tattoo
$100 Gift certificate to Shut Skateboard Shop
Gift certificates for Adidas sneakers
Gift certificate to Apartment 138 Restaurant
Gift certificate to Sample Bar
Dead Flowers Productions Gift Bag
Sub Pop Records Gift Bag
Ernest Jenning Records Gift Bag
Norton Records Gift Bag
Yo La Tengo Gift Bag
Free Massage
Skateboard and helmet
Jewelry/Cufflinks from Wabisabi Brooklyn
Autographed copy of the brand new Encylopedia of Punk

Turn up the heat!


Featuring Cyril Jordon (Flamin' Groovies), Paul Kopf,
Eddie Munoz (The Plimsouls), and Clem Burke (Blondie)

Sunday, September 7th:
Maxwell's, 1039 Washingon Street, Hoboken, NJ.
Tickets available via TicketWeb

Friday, September 12th:

Union Hall, 702 Union Street, Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Tickets available via TicketWeb
• Presented by Dead Flowers Productions and Todd Abramson Presents •

Debut 45 from the Nouvellas

"Satisfied" b/w "Right Kind Of Woman (Part Two)"

Recorded by Dennis Pierce at Silent Stereo Studios. Produced by Dennis Pierce and the Nouvellas. Mastered by Steven Berson at Total Sonic Media. "Right Kind Of Woman" features Jared Tankel & Andrew Greene of The Budos Band.

Now available in a store near you, through the Ernest Jenning Record Co.'s mail-order service, or digitally via iTunes.

The Fleshtones return to NYC!

- Dead Flowers & Rocks Off Presents -

Live on the Rocks Off concert cruise --
a three hour trip down the East River!!!

- with The Anabolics -

Aboard the Half Moon, Skyport Marina
East 23rd Street and the FDR Drive

Wednesday, July 2nd. $25 cover.
Doors at 7PM -- departs at 8PM sharp!
Tickets available now via TicketWeb

Meet The Lost Crusaders

"You seem to have actually come up with something new, not an easy feat these days." -James "The Hound" Marshall

The Lost Crusaders is the outgrowth of New York City garage-rocker, Michael Chandler's appreciation of Southern and urban gospel music and its often hard-edged message of hope and comfort in a turbulent world. Chandler's own musical history began in the early 1980s, with his country-western/folk/comedy duo, Tchang & Chandler at Club 57 on Manhattan's lower east side and with the seminal '60s garage rock band The Outta Place. Tchang & Chandler formed the basis for The Raunch Hands, a rhythm & blues, surf, punk powerhouse which has endured, recorded, and toured for over twenty years and boasts record releases and an ardent fanbase on four continents.

Throughout his musical career, Chandler wondered how to incorporate the great sounds of gospel music -- the very basis of all popular R&B -- into a form that could be appreciated by a secular audience without outright theft (a la Ray Charles), and while bypassing the trite sterility of today's "Christian contemporary" music. The answer was helped along by two things: the declining moral and environmental state of the world, and a show on Ludlow Street in New York City by Chandler's side-project, Chandler & The Chasers alongside Atlanta's Tiger! Tiger!, fronted by Buffi Aguero (SubSonics, Vendettas). The two found an instant collaborative affinity and set the wheels of The Lost Crusaders in motion. With Buffi in place as rhythm guitarist and long-distance motivator, Chandler enlisted the help of recently-transplanted St. Louis native, Brian McBride, the over-the-top bassist and co-frontman of the Queens-based band The Visitors (and current member of the Electric Shadows), to co-write and arrange the material for an LP. Brian's by-rote, fingerpicking style on bass meshes perfectly with the band's rhythm which was provided by the phenomenal drummer, Joey Valentine, formerly of the Star Spangles and, more recently, Brooklyn's Coydogs. With a top-notch rhythm section in place, Chandler and Buffi needed to add some flavor to the mix, and she suggested the talented lead guitarist, Johnny Vignault, with whom she had played in the Vendettas. Also originally from Atlanta, now a New Yorker, Johnny has played and toured with The Woggles and NYC's Brother Reverend. The next necessity was a piano/organ player, and Chandler figured Craigslist was as good a place as any to look; he received this sparse response: "Jerome here. I play keys and organ for Kelly Temple church of God in Christ in Harlem. Born and raised in Savannah, GA, I've been in church all my life and my father was/is my pastor. You know the rest!" Over dinner in Harlem, Chandler brought Jerome Jackson aboard without ever hearing him play.

It had always been Chandler's notion to share the musical spotlight in this project, and he spread around the the lead and back-up vocal duties to others, as well as inviting an array of very talented and established musician friends to participate in the recording of the Lost Crusaders' LP, now named, Have You Heard About The World? Brian sings lead on "Wasted On The Wind," and Buffi has featured backing vocals on "I Don't Ask Why" and "It Don't Worry Me," the latter being the song featured in the closing credits of Robert Altman's Nashville, and written by Keith Carradine. Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore, Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash) sings along with Chandler on "I Wonder What Ever Happened," and plays acoustic guitar on a few songs as well. On the two country numbers, country/folk heroine Laura Cantrell lends her plaintive voice, doing Emmylou Harris/Graham Parsons-style duets with Chandler. Also featured are Keith Streng of The Fleshtones, providing a killer lead guitar track on "There Used To Be A River," and Matt Verta Ray (Speedball Baby, Heavy Trash), on lap steel guitar. Former member of the Fleshtones and Andy G. & The Roller Kings, Steve Greenfield plays alto and baritone saxophone.

Finally, Chandler enlisted experienced producer, Dean Rispler (Little Killers, Candy Snatchers, Bad Wizard, among many others) for production duties, who brought the band to Alap Momin's Dead Verse studios in Union City, NJ. Alap (who is also a member of experimental hip hop group, dälek) engineered the sessions. When everybody converged, Have You Heard About The World? was recorded and mixed in ten days, and in spite of The Lost Crusaders' wealth of talent and experience, the band all feel that the whole is actually far greater than the sum of its parts.

New vinyl from The Black Hollies

Dead Flowers is very proud to announce the launch of our new jukebox series, released in conjunction with our friends at Vibratone Records; the record's all sport boss company sleeves and exclusive tracks. The first 45 in the series is from The Black Hollies, featuring Casting Shadows album track "Paisley Pattern Ground," paired with the exclusive monster psych b-side "Hold Tight (Go Out Of Your Mind)" — the only recorded document of the NOW line-up of the group!!!

The 45 is available now via Vibratone's mail-order, from the band on tour (some in a special limited-edition sleeve!), or digitally here.

True love for the Nouvellas’ debut 45!

What do you get if you cross garage rock with funk and soul? This. Is it good? Is the Pope a Catholic? Don't ask me stupid questions. Nouvellas have been threatening to release this for several months now and the wait is finally over. Singers Jaime and Leah (formerly of The Dansettes) are both inveterate crate diggers well-versed in the dusty groove and thus have a very clear idea about what they are doing here. Basically that amounts to getting all raunchy over the band's dirty guitar noise on the a-side about what a guy needs to do to keep them, while on the b-side they get all slow and saucy about what they will do to keep a guy. If this seems a bit like having your cake and eating it don't complain. You want a copy of this. 


[From the Monkey Boxing Empire Music blog]

A chat with Justin Angelo of The Black Hollies

[ Big thanks to Rick Tupica for the following extensive interview... Check out the original -- plus tons of other great interviews! -- over at his boss Turn It Down blog. ]

"Imagine listening to old Northern Soul 45’s on a battery operated portable record player while viewing a kaleidoscope in a lavender grove," is how lead singer and bassist Justin Angelo Morey describes his New Jersey-based psychedelic garage band, The Black Hollies. After spending his formative teenage years listening to Brit Pop, collecting old rock and soul 45s and tuning into WFMU, Morey honed those influences into his own ’60s inspired band in 2004. Since then, the band has evolved into a polished, pop-inspired unit with traces of sitar. Recently The Black Hollies played SXSW and are wrapping up their tour across the United States... For an almost complete history, and the story behind the chocolate factory, read the below interview with Morey.

How did the Black Hollies form? How long have you been together?
Around the month of July in the year 2004, we were all hanging out together in Jon’s old attic. There was an old turntable located next to a bookshelf that contained books on all sorts of subjects. We would mostly spend time listening to old ’60s soul 45s and while reading books on mysticism, art, geography and spiritual enlightenment. I guess we were trying to pick up puzzle pieces of our lives while discovering new mediums to express our ideas. I suggested trying to write similar music to the others and eventually we pulled the power plug of the record player out of the wall socket and turned ourselves on.

What is your home town like?
My home town is Jersey City, New Jersey. I was born in the Margaret Hague Ward of the old Medical Center over on Montgomery Street. We resided in the Greenville section where I was exposed to all sorts of cultures, art and music. The neighborhood was a pretty rough area and presently is even rougher. The chances of being jumped while walking home from school were very high. When I was in the eighth grade, I can vividly recall always walking my first girlfriend home at night with a tool called a ’Cat’s Paw,’ (it’s usually associated with general contractors and an eighth grader trying to protect not only himself but his pretty girlfriend) in my coat pocket just in case we ran into any trouble. Fortunately we never had the need to employ such a defense mechanism.

What part of the city do you live in?
Presently, I live in the downtown area of Jersey City. There are still rough sections, but the number of young professionals now calling it home has been inspiring real estate agencies to increase rents all around. Developers are taking advantage of the new settlers by filling in holes with massive luxury condo buildings. The city has been diluted and the PATH stations are overcrowded. On a positive note, I’m no longer called, ’The Beatles’ as much. I guess that by the time they get to me, they’ve already said that more than a dozen times and just get to the point. "Brotha’ can you hook another brotha’ up with some bread?" If I’ve got a dollar I can spare, I hook them up. I believe that one day it will come back to me when I need it.

What first got you digging rock-n-roll music? What bands did you like back in high school?
"Throughout high school, I was absorbing what was going on all around me. I had discovered WFMU a couple of years prior to high school and would look forward to Bill Kelly’s radio program on Sunday afternoons. I had no idea that the records he was playing were considered ’Garage Rock.’ I simply liked the way they sounded. Also, every Saturday afternoon on this public radio station over in Newark, NJ there was this DJ Felix Hernandez, who’s still going strong, that would spin old ’60s soul music."

Were you a big soul records collector back then?
I wasn’t a collector of rare soul at this point in my life, nor did I know how to classify this genre. I simply liked the songs he would play. In high school, the whole Sub Pop, Touch and Go, SST, Amphetamine Reptile catalogs mixed with old Funk 45’s -- mixed with The Happy Mondays, Blur, Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, that is what my friends and I were listening to mostly. Usually we would venture over to Hoboken and purchase all of these new discoveries at a record shop called Pier Platters, R.I.P... Another record store called Stan’s Record Shop was my favorite place to escape reality and listen and learn about rare soul music, which still exists today, (it has) tons of old soul records worth checking out when visiting Jersey City. It was a block away from my high school. We would stop by there on our way to the bus stop and dig in the record bins for old 45s."

Did you see any good rock shows back then?
There were plenty of bands to see at an all ages venue on Rivington called ABC NO-RIO. We used to take the PATH into the city and walk all the way down Houston and see all of these punk and hardcore bands. Trying to find our way back home in the dark and cold winter nights was scary as hell; always a story to tell the classmates on miserable Monday mornings. Everything was rather routine until one evening when I was invited to come out to see a show at a place called the Scrap Bar in New York City. I still can not recall how we managed to get into this show because we were quite young. The first band was alright but not really my thing. The second band however, changed my life forever. I never viewed or listened to music the same after this spiritual awakening. The Nation Of Ulysses absolutely blew my mind and there simply hasn’t been another experience like that ever since. I will forever be in debt for what they provided me that night. Thank you, Nation Of Ulysses.

There is obviously some ’60s influence, but what are some other kinds of music you dig?
Obviously I really love ’60s freakbeat sounds, but I’ve grown obsessed with rare soul. It started a couple of years ago as an appreciation but now I’m powerless when it comes to it. I have no discipline and when I hear a certain song that makes the hair on my arms raise, there’s no other choice but to try and find a copy for myself. Considering the fact that the past couple of months the rent has been paid late, it’s probably not a good thing to be on the hunt for certain records. The other members of the band are into ’60s freak beat and ’60s soul music as well but, unlike me, they appreciate other music. For example, Wiley is a massive Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Noel ("Silent Morning" fame) fan. Jon absolutely loves Spacemen 3 and The Small Faces. Nick really digs The Rolling Stones and Neil Young.

The Black Hollies are on tour right now, how have those shows been so far?
All of the shows we’ve played so far have been both interesting and thoroughly entertaining for us all. You really never know what kind of scenario you’re getting yourself into prior to setting foot inside of any venue. Rituals have become a part of our daily routine. Jon and Nick have entered a secret competition that tests driving endurance. We’re talking like all state versus all county, or something along those lines. Regardless, Wiley and I don’t really fully understand what they’re trying to do but we’re certain that something is going on. Wiley begins our day with positive affirmations regarding life. When the distance to the next city exceeds eight hours of driving, Wiley may see to it that we get additional reading. Running out of gear sends us into panic mode so naturally we’ll begin to withdraw into our little worlds until we receive gifts from fans at the venue. That’s always a pleasant surprise and we’re more than grateful. SXSW was fantastic for us because our friends from home, The Nouvellas, flew into town. We managed to go bowling together one evening. What a great way to spend your evening off.

What are you up to when you’re not playing music?
When not playing music, I’m most likely going to be found at my day job over at Al Richard’s Chocolates. I am a molding production coordinator over there. Believe it or not, I manage to come up with some solid song foundations while working. I usually have to stop what I’m doing and grab a scrap piece of paper and do my best to find a working pen before the idea turns to raspberry jelly filling. When I’m not tempering chocolate for semi-solid molded items for Al Richard’s, I’m probably at home cooking. I truly enjoy cooking food while listening to my records. My past dinner guests will probably warn you ahead of time to eat something before you pop over because you’re probably going to be served at 10PM. "Okay, I apologize for detaining you all but my dishes speak for themselves and I’m rather confident that they were worth the wait. Besides, the records and the wine were fabulous."

What are some bands that you’d recommend to a friend?
Nouvellas, The Above, Beauty Ray (Wiley’s upcoming solo project), and The Beatles.

What records does the band have available? Anything new in the works?
Currently we have our first LP, Crimson Reflections and we have our latest LP, Casting Shadows. We have them both on vinyl as well as CD format. Our first single, "Tell Me What You Want" and our split release with The Dansettes are both available (Ernest Jenning Record Co.). Currently we do not have copies of our new "Paisley Pattern Ground" b/w "(Hold Tight) Go Out Of Your Mind" single (Dead Flowers/Vibratone) as the sleeves were printed wrong by the manufacturer — we hope to have them any day now.

What is the best and worst part of being a rock band?
Best part is performing your set to the fans and turning new people on to your sounds; especially when you’re able to gain people who immediately dismissed you prior to witnessing a live performance.
Worst part is that some people think its tough having one wife, you try having three husbands. For example: Four members and one hotel room. That means two grown men to a bed each night. Each member is so paranoid at the possibility of nocturnal dry humping occurring that you never obtain a good night’s rest.

What is a goal the band hopes to reach someday?
Obtaining enlightenment.


The Black Hollies are:
Justin Angelo Morey - Vocals, Bass
Herbert Joseph Wiley V - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Gonnelli - Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Ferrante - Drums

Nouvellas invade Texas

The Nouvellas have packed their bags and are getting ready to board a flight to Austin, TX for the SXSW music festival... If you live in the Austin area, or will be in town for the festival, definitely check out one of the shows:

Friday, March 14th
Official Ernest Jenning SXSW Showcase
Friends - 208 E. 6th Street
Chris Mills – 9PM
Takka Takka – 10PM
The Black Hollies – 11PM
O'Death – 12AM
Dalek – 1AM
All start times are accurate!

Saturday, March 15th
NOUVELLAS DJ gig (8:00 – 11:30PM)
604 E. 6th Street, 2nd floor (above Emo's Lounge)
Leah and Jaime from Nouvellas spin their favorite soul, garage, psych and rock'n'roll records in between bands... Line-up to be confirmed, but tentatively scheduled were The Raveonettes and Grand Ole Party to name a few.

Saturday, March 15th
NOUVELLAS LIVE! (midnight)
White Swan Lounge - 1906 E. 12th Street (9 blocks east of Red River)
The Foot Patrol – 10PM
Second Line Social – 11PM
$10 cover, BYOB!

Be sure to check out the Nouvellas interview in the Misc Times blog!

A sad day in Brooklyn


After five-plus years of rocking Atlantic Avenue and entertaining thousands of customers and welcoming hundreds of great bands, Magnetic Field in Brooklyn will be closing its doors on March 31st. Co-owners Lee Greenfeld and William Crane would like to personally thank all of Magnetic Field’s staff and patrons for their loyalty over the past few years, as well as all the numerous bands who have brought some truly tremendous and memorable performances to our stage, such as The A-Bones, Black Hollies, Black Lips, the Brought Low, Cynics, Dansettes, Detachment Kit, Mitch Easter, The Figgs, The Fleshtones, Gabby Glaser, Insomniacs, Lenny Kaye, Lilys, Klimpter, Lyres, Glen Mercer, Mugs, Nashville Ramblers, Nouvellas, The Plimsouls, Ponys, Reigning Sound, Real Kids, Shaw Nuff, Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3, Voxtrot, Woggles, and so many more!

Magnetic Field are currently working on a blow-out last week of shows to run March 24th through the 31st. Check the MF website ( or MySpace page for details about these shows when they are announced.

Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Casting Shadows on the road (part 1)


Feb 15 - Magnetic Field
Brooklyn, New York
w/The Above

Feb 16 - Club Midway
New York, New York
w/Lyres and Traveling Circle

Feb 17 - Maxwell’s
Hoboken, New Jersey
w/ The Insomniacs and The Coffin Daggers

Feb 22 - The Talking Head
Baltimore, Maryland
w/The Flying Eyes

Feb 29 - Cafe Nine
New Haven, Connecticut
w/Les Sans Culottes

Mar 1 - Abbey Lounge
Somerville, Massachusetts

Mar 2 - The Fire
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
w/Les Sans Culottes and The Nooses

Mar 3 - The Tremont Music Hall
Charlotte, North Carolina
w/Cashmere Blackout

Mar 4 - The Boot
Norfolk, Virginia
w/DJ Thomas

Mar 5 - JJ Bohemia
Chattanooa, Tennessee

Mar 6 - Springwater
Nashville, Tennessee

Mar 7 - Saturn Bar New Orleans
Louisiana w/Bipoloroid

Mar 8 - Club Dada
Dallas, Texas

Mar 9 - Rudyard’s
Houston, Texas

Mar 10 - Lola's
Fort Worth, Texas
w/The Hard Lessons and Thee Emergency

Mar 11 - Texas House Of Rock
Corpus Christi, Texas

Mar 12 - Beerland
Austin, Texas
(Rock-A-Round day party)
w/The Paul Collins Beat, The Boss Martians, Ugly Beats, and others!

Mar 13 - TBA
Austin, Texas

Mar 14 - Friends
Austin, Texas
(Ernest Jenning Records SXSW Showcase)
w/Nouvellas, O'Death, Takka Takka, Chris Mills, and Dalek

Mar 15 - Rockin’ Tomato (day party)
Austin, Texas
w/TSOOL, Andre Williams, The Hall Monitors, and others!

Mar 17 - Box Awesome
Lincoln, Nebraska

Mar 18 - Vaudeville Mews
Des Moines, Iowa

Mar 19 - Turf Club
St. Paul, Minnesota
w/Awesome Snakes

Mar 20 - The Note
Chicago, Illinois
w/Daughters Of The Sun

Mar 21 - Lager House
Detroit, Michigan
w/The Muldoons and The Bird Dogs

April 4 - Luna Lounge
Brooklyn, New York
w/Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 and Spectacular Bird

(May dates to-be-announced soon!)

The colors and the shapes

Some acts are content to find a style and stick with it. The Black Hollies are more interested in progress. When the band convened in 2005 to record their debut album Crimson Reflections, it was something of an experiment, mixing '60s soul and pop structures with rave-up rock results. Now, after wide acclaim and a practice regiment that has left their jaw-dropping live shows tighter than a pegged pant leg, they've reached a little further into space, introduced a wonderfully psychedelic element to their sound, and come out on the other side with Casting Shadows, a powerful psych-rock album full of unforgettable nuggets.

Led by songwriter, vocalist and bassist Justin Angelo Morey, this crew of NY/NJ natives and lifelong friends also includes Herb Wiley V and Jon Gonnelli on dueling interstellar guitars, and the freakbeat drumming of Scott Bolasci, whose final electrifying perfomances with the band are captured here. Bolasci has since retired from the band and his sizeable shoes have been filled by the seemingly eight-armed wonder Nick Ferrante. Together, the quartet meld classic-rock touchstones with a disparate amount of influences and ideas -- Wiley is featured on sitar for a number of tracks, and the record also features the mesmerizing drones of a ragini throughout. From the opening ghostly blast of "Whispers Beneath The Willows," careening through the perfectly realized gem "Paisley Pattern Ground" and the mind twisting changes of "Bruised Tangerines," and finally settling into the soothing cool-down of "Patient Sparrow," Casting Shadows is an ALBUM in a time when folks have started to forget about the beauty of a cohesive record.

Garnering massive accolades over their East Coast adventures and unforgettable performances at both SXSW and CMJ as well as hometown freakouts alongside everyone from Ted Leo and Joan Jett, to Mary Weiss and Blue Cheer, to The Fleshtones and The Woggles; The Black Hollies continue to win over any crowd with a mix of straight skill and total sincerity. They'll be on the road throughout 2008 and you can rest assured that if you catch them once, you won't be able to shake it.

[Addendum: Be on the lookout in mid-April for a 45 featuring album track "Paisley Pattern Ground," paired with the exclusive b-side "Hold Tight (Go Out Of Your Mind)." The 45 is the first in Dead Flowers' new jukebox series, released in conjunction with Vibratone Records.]