Make The Night Just A Little Longer

Glamorous jazz chanteuses and gutsy blues shouters front New York City's Empire Beats, a five to nine piece show band that explores an expanding book of old-school Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Jazz, and Pop music ~ familiar and forgotten hits from the past and funky new originals. Empire Beats' energetic music revue recalls showcases of another era but is firmly rooted in the right now. Since 2011, drummer/band leader Mark Boquist's well dressed gentlemen have been playing behind some of New York City's most talented young singers and presenting their showcase in niteclubs, dive bars, lounges, and halls at festivals, funraisers, private events, and public parties earning themselves a solid reputation as a rocking dance band playing songs from every side of the love equation. 

Friday, June 7th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10-$13*. 21+ with ID.

* Purchase advance tickets here.

Dirty Power


Brooklyn-based Girls on Grass, despite their moniker, is precisely 50% girl— Barbara (writer, singer, guitarist), drummer Nancy Polstein (the Friggs, Cheri Knight, Star City)—and 50% boy: blues/alt-country vet David Weiss on lead guitar (replacing Sean Eden), and WFMU’s own Dave Mandl on bass.

Upon her arrival in NYC in 2004, Barbara served time in a handful of bands; it took a decade for her songwriting identity to blossom, and when it did, it contained multitudes: not only her Wisconsin working-class folk-country sensibility, but all the strains she took in as a kid and as a working musician. Think very, very melodic roots-y but also psych-inflected bands: the dBs, the Rain Parade, plus a big dose of surf and rockabilly. Plus, just warm as heck.

But that’s not all: she’s sort of a guitar hero. Think Dickey-Betts-meets-Tom-Verlaine. Precisely executed, angular lines, played left-handed. But that’s not all, either, because this is really a band, one that, upon their 2014 live debut (at Freddy’s Back Room) seems to have become the favorite of an alarming number of people. On Barbara’s left is Dave #1: the Tele guy who can effortlessly channel the likes of Roy Buchanan, Clarence White, or Richard Thompson as he plays in deft counterpoint to Barbara’s guitar. On her right is Dave #2, the melodic-but-grooving bass guy, who seems to always come up with the perfect but completely unexpected part. And behind her, holding everything together is Nancy, a drummer who really knows how to support a song, but can unleash a Bonham-esque stadium fill when such a thing is called for.

Dirty Power, their just-released sophomore effort, is a stunning collection that continues Barbara’s lay-it-on-the-line approach to songcraft but ups the ante musically with a more-developed guitar interplay that’s equal parts Sticky Fingers and Marquee Moon. Girls on Grass recorded Dirty Power with producer Eric Ambel (alum of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Del-Lords, Blood Oranges) and engineer Mario Viele, with mixing by Michael James.

Thursday June  6th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Your Problem Now


Seth Kessel has been playing full-time in New York City and abroad since 2009. Although he has a diverse musical background ranging from punk rock to jazz to fingerpicking blues, his focus lies in early rock'n'roll, classic country, and jump blues. Kessel's richly toned voice, virtuosic guitar playing and powerful songwriting makes him a triple threat. His core band consists of New York's heavy hitters; Larry Cook on upright bass and Stephen Purcell on drums. When playing locally, he often uses special guests on violin, horns, piano, accordion or pedal steel.

This show is part of Dead Flowers Productions new free Happy Hour series.

Wednesday, June 5th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 6:30PM. No cover. 21+ with ID.


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Playtime album

The Rocksteady 7 is an influential American ska and jazz band from NYC. Founded in 1997, the core of the group has consisted of tenor saxophonist and band leader David Hillyard (The Slackers) and legendary percussionist Larry McDonald (Lee "Scratch" Perry, Gil Scott-Heron). In live performances, they are supported by a rotating cast of top shelf nyc musicians. Given reggae's globally reaching influence, the Rocksteady 7 holds true to the genre's roots and the self-described "Jamaican Jazz" sound combines ska, rocksteady and reggae with extended jazz improvisation, intricate melodies, and complex harmonies. The group incorporates many diverse elements of world music with rocksteady rhythms, including ska, jazz, calypso, as well as early African and American jazz influences.

Saturday, June 1st at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $8 - $12*. 21+ with ID.

* Purchase advance tickets here.

Rainfall And Laughter



Marcellus Hall has recorded with the bands Railroad Jerk and White Hassle and has toured the US, Europe, and Japan. He continues to make music under his own name. A solo album, The First Line, was recorded with accompanying musicians and released on Glacial Pace Recordings in 2011. A second solo album, Afterglow, was recorded and released with The Hostages in 2013. Hall now records and performs with The Following Guests (Damon Smith, Mike Shapiro, and others), formerly known as The Hostages).

The ultimate in the burgeoning garage folk art rock literate dance acoustic idiom that is sweeping the city. Hall and his band deliver like no one else. No one even comes fucking close. There is a reason why all of New York is talking about New York’s best kept secret. If it’s great music you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t want to miss this!

Friday, May 31st at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

A Different Kind Of Country


The Whiskey Bumps are an all-star band fronted by Alan Lee Becker, which blends rootsy original tunes with tasty covers they call the "Honky Tonk Circus!" Alan Lee Backer (singer/guitarist/songwriter), who also plays banjo, mandolin, dobro, lap steel, bass, six-string bass and harmonica, has been a working musician since age 16. Since 1989, he has gigged with many Americana/roots-rock performers in the New York area including a two-year stint as guitarist/mandolinist for Walter Egan (writer/singer of “Magnet and Steel” and the author of “Hearts On Fire,” recorded by the legendary Gram Parsons). As a founding member of the Twanglers, he helped kickstart the Americana/alt-country movement with his participation in the groundbreaking first Rig Rock CD compilation on Diesel Only Records. With his current band, Alan Lee & The Whiskey Bumps (and his former band, the Wicked Messengers) he has opened for Rosie Flores, Sara Evans, Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun and Highway 101. He has also, (with the Twanglers) supported artists ranging from Junior Brown and Boozoo Chavis to the Beat Farmers.

Virginia-born, Brooklyn-based alt-country singer David Haught melds rock 'n' roll, Americana, bluegrass, and honky-tonk influences into a self-described "Different Kind of Country" that, above all, stays true to its straightforward storytelling roots.

Thursday, May 30th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Get On Up!

Mr. Lee spins top-flight '60s soul, r&b, and rocksteady 45s!

Thursday, May 29th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 6:30PM. No cover. 21+ with ID.

Dead Again

 We are heartbroken to announce that after only 5+ months, Hank's Saloon will be closing on June 15th. This came as a total shock to of us as our shows were going from strength to strength, and we were looking forward to a long future in our home.

Going Up


Somehow between playing bass with Reigning Sound, Lee Fields, and The Jay Vons, Wick Recording artist Benny Trokan finds time to craft three minute soulful confections! He thrilled the crowd at Hank's in March and he returns with the smooth soulful jangle. Orlando's crazed children of Question Mark and Buddy Holly The Wooly Bushmen return to our fair city! Making a pit stop on their U.S. tour of their new LP, The Woolly Bushmen In Shambles (on Pig Baby Records)! Going Up! The Elevator Operators have the button of the lift pushed to the 1960s rock'n'roll floor.

Friday, May 24th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Say Anything


Dubbed a "soul songstress" by, Nicky Egan is an accomplished songwriter and keyboardist who commands the stage with captivating energy.

Originally from Philadelphia, Egan grew up in a home where the sounds of Richie Havens, Bob Marley, Bonnie Raitt, and The Rolling Stones were frequently buzzing on the stereo.

Egan now splits here time between Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Since 2017, she’s been playing keyboards and singing for LA-based group, Chicano Batman on the road, and hibernating off the road in Dumbo, New York, recording new music with writing partner & producer, Joe Crispiano of The Dap Kings.

This show is part of Dead Flowers Productions new free Wednesday Happy Hour series of shows at Hank's Saloon, this event is co-presented by SlamJunk.

Wednesday, May 22nd at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8:30PM. No cover. 21+ with ID.

It Sure Feels Good!


The Lord Calverts are an explosive garage rock/power pop quintet from the New York City. The band claims that their roots are in Baltimore, where, as part of the burgeoning '60s garage-rock scene, they recorded for obscure labels and occasionally got a song into the lower rungs of the local charts. Truth or myth, their music is clearly influenced by that era, but with a sound that is absolutely current. The Lord Calverts deliver true American roots rock: fast, nasty, catchy and rude.

The Piggies are a bunch of NYC scene veterans who have kicked around in dozens of bands including the Little Killers, the Sea Monkeys, Wighat, Sato & Jonny, the Haney Brothers, the Poolside Cowboys, Holy Crow, the Underthings, the Dirt Cheap, and more that they don't remember (and neither do you). Posessing an extreme distaste for show-biz hustle and self-promotion, but a non-negotiable need to roll & rock, the Piggies can be found playing out in various NYC-area houses of ill repute on a regular basis, putting pretend rock and roll bands half their age to shame, and occasionally opening for touring acts like the Detroit Cobras, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, the A-Bones, Mr. Airplane Man, and so forth. Their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Parachute Woman" was issued on a 45 as part of Norton Records' Rolling Stones covers series, on the flip side of LaLa Brooks (of the Crystals) doing "Play With Fire."

Wire Troop melds the muscle of a 60s-style power trio with the finesse and stylistic breadth of '70s pub rockers. Playing a carefully curated and eclectic selection of second-hand blues, old time rock'n'roll, Tex-Mex, boogie, R&B instrumentals, and a little hard country, Wire Troop keeps it lean and tight and focused on delivering a good time.

Saturday, May 18th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10 - $13. 21+ with ID.

Don't Give Up Your Good Thing

The Brought Low are a hard rock power trio from New York City who formed in 1999. They released their self-titled debut record on Tee Pee Records in 2001. In 2006 they released their long awaited sophomore effort, Right On Time on Small Stone Records (Dixie Witch, Sasquatch, 5 Hose Johnson). The record was hailed as an instant classic by The Boston PhoenixLollipopRoadburn and among others. Third Record, their last album for Small Stone, was produced by Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Cave In, Scissorfight). The band is known for its live show and has shared the stage with Them Crooked Vultures, Supersuckers and Nebula among others and has performed at the Emissions From The Monolith and South By Southwest music festivals.

Friday, May 17th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $10 - $13*. 21+ with ID.

* Purchase advance tickets here.



The Get It is an 11-headed firebreathing black-and-red hydra of funk, melting panties and destroying dance floors since 2008. The New York Fowl Harmonic play old-school noisy garage-rock and merengue. Music for parties, dancing, and revelation; not the internet.

Thursday, May 16th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

How To Remember Your Dreams


King Missile is a spoken-word/alternative rock band fronted by John S. Hall. They recorded three albums for Atlantic Records, and released several recordings on various independent labels, most notably Shimmy Disc. There have been several incarnations of the band. The first incarnation, which John formed with guitarist Dogbowl, spawned several college radio hits, including “Take Stuff From Work,” “Sensitive Artist” and “Wuss.” The second incarnation, featuring Dave Rick on guitar and Roger Murdock on drums (as well as multi-instrumentalist Chris Xefos) were known for “Detachable Penis,” “Jesus Was Way Cool,” “Martin Scorsese,” and many others.

On Saturday, May 11th, the second incarnation of King Missile (John, Dave, Roger, and Brent Cordero on keyboards) will perform at Hank’s. Their set will include many of the songs listed above, as well as “F**k Me and Kill Me,” their forthcoming single, and other new material.

Saturday, May 11th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $12-$15*. 21+ with ID.

* Purchase advance tickets here.

Cross-Eyed And Bow-Legged


The son of a drummer father in DeKalb, Illinois, a small town about an hour through the corn fields west of Chicago, a 12-year-old Tom Clark bought his first guitar at a garage sale for three dollars. He played in bands by age 13, and in college played bass and then guitar in a punk band called Blatant Dissent. In 1986, tired of working in the corn fields and in the produce section of a food store, Clark moved to New York City. Clark played in the parks and on the sidewalks of Greenwich Village by day and in Irish bars in the Bronx at night. Sometimes he played with his new friend Hank Wedel and his band Open Kitchen. Tom Clark & The High Action Boys recorded one album, 2002's Cross-Eyed and Bow-Legged, and more recently perform regularly at The Treehouse at 2A. Sean Kershaw & New Jack Ramblers play hi-octane honkytonk straight outta Brooklyn!

Friday, May 10th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Hallucination Blues


Thursday, May 9th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 9PM. $10. 21+ with ID.

Above And Beyond


Beyondo aka Eric Biondo is a songwriter/producer/trumpet player based in Brooklyn, NY. Eric has recorded with TV on the Radio, The Monkees, Antibalas, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Charlie Hunter, Passion Pit, Foals, Holy Ghost and Superhuman Happiness. Eric has also performed trumpet with Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

This show is part of Dead Flowers Productions new free Wednesday Happy Hour series of shows at Hank's Saloon, this event is co-presented by SlamJunk.

Wednesday, May 8th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 6:30PM. No cover. 21+ with ID.

Oldest Story In The World


The newly "Re-Souled" Plimsouls is a resurgence of the 1980s California rock band, but with a new look. Original Plimsouls guitarist Eddie Munoz teams up with random cool friends to bring the classic sounds of The Plimsouls to the stage, songs like "A Million Miles Away", "Oldest Story In The World", "Now," plus songs from the Valley Girl soundtrack.

McKinley James is a 17-year old Rock & Roll guitarist/singer from Rochester, NY.  His father, drummer Jason Smay (Los Straitjackets, JD McPherson Band) helped raise McKinley in a very musical household. He started on the Hammond organ at 7 but discovered his passion for guitar at 10. His influences range from Link Wray to Freddie King and Otis Redding. He started performing in Rochester blues and jazz clubs at age 13 and has performed with Chris Duarte, The Nighthawks, Joe Beard and JD McPherson. McKinley is also the face of the latest Eric Church album campaign, having starred in his videos, and also appears on the album cover for Church's latest record, Mr. Misunderstood. McKinley is also very excited to announce the release of his first EP, Live In Nashville.

Saturday, May 4th at Hank's
345 Adams Street, Brooklyn U.S.A.
Doors at 8PM. $12-$15. 21+ with ID.

* Purchase advance tickets here.